Designer & Extrapreneur.

Webflow expert based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Digital designs, strategies and content marketing side projects for brands. Based on entrepreneurial experience and theoretic foundation.
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Hey, I’m a MSc in Digital Design and Communication, Webflow expert, founder of the film startup Itsoncraft, author of the art book How We Crafted, and founder of Webflow Denmark. I help companies create digital products based on my entrepreneurial experience and design methodology. 
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Did you know? 1% of my profit from working with you is donated to a charity of your choice


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Digital design

Designed and coded from scratch to match your and your customers' needs
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Grow your company by giving users content they can actually benefit from
Strategy & Product
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Webflow design

Efficient front-end development in the no-code tool Webflow

Selected case studies.

How We Crafted

Layout | Book design | Conceptualisation | Marketing

Football startup, Next11

Conceptualisation | Web design | Content marketing

Art & Film Platform Itsoncraft

Conceptualisation | Web design | Visual identity | 200+ visuals

Wild agency, Leiaud

Conceptualisation | Web design | Content marketing

Film Studio 'Nørlum'

Conceptualisation | Web design

Video campaign for the Danish Society for Nature Conservation

2D // 3D animated film in Unity

...And a lot more exciting client projects
A whoppin' new identity and web design for streetwear brand Rudecru
Collab with Unity
Figma designs for San Francisco venture fund and hub On Deck
Identity and web design for Danish communication agency Holm Kommunikation
GPDR compliance and SEO optimisation on the Webflow site of BeSafe
Biodiversity microsite for United Nations biodiversity panel IPBES Denmark
Webflow development for SaaS company Encode
Portfolio for sustainability philosopher
Hundreds of hours of Webflow work for wind energy non-profit Global Wind Organisation
Organisation website for Animation Denmark
Advanced interactions for light design company Hofft
Collab with NVIDIA
Webflow template alterations for Danish webshops
Dashboard design and front-end for upcoming Danish startup
Multi-language Webflow site for Danish Energy Management
1:1 Webflow education
Portfolio for photographer
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Screenshot of Ikea's sofa font website
Screenshot of the website Unsplash


Grow through microsites.

IKEA created a font type made of sofa pieces. Adobe a quiz to figure out your creative persona. Crew launched a small side project called Unsplash where they'd humbly upload 10 free images every 10 days. Today they feature 500.000 images and more traffic than the New York Times.
As an extrapreneur I work with companies to create side projects like these. Why not give your customers something to use for years to come with little to no maintenance? In a short design sprint we'll go from concept to live product. What should we collaborate on creating?
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Per request, every project gets a dedicated dashboard, I'll custom design to accommodate your needs. Contracts, customer personas, style guides, the project timeline and more is always by hand and up to date.

Let's create a side project

Let's discuss project ideas for your company. I'll lay out a plan for design and development in order to help your business grow through microsites.

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Drop me an email and let's get the conversation started. For all projects I provide a dedicated client dashboard.
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