The extensive branded side project list.
Showcasing how companies and individuals give free small tools and resources to users. And gather some great leads in the process— who's to complain...
Screenshot of the text "creative types"

Creative Types

By Adobe
A quiz to determine your personality as a creative person. The diversity of creativity fits the broad range of software that Adobe offers
Screenshot of Ikea's sofa font website

Soffa Sans Font

Marketing a selection of sofas by allowing users to design with a sofa font. Designers are most likely the target group of both the sofas and the font

Squarespace x Pride

By Squarespace
A tribute to the Pride movement. In one go, Squarespace promote a good (and popular) cause while showing off how cutting edge web design their software can produce

Time Zone Ninja

By Voxeet
Voxeet is a tool to have video meetings. With the side project Time Zone Ninja they help people schedule more calls across time zones. See the smart crossover?

The History of Web

By Rob Ford & Julius Wiedermann
Why not market your book with a website? For their Taschen book these authors had a beautifully designed website outline the highlights of the book


By InVision
InVision is a prototype tool that relies on designs created in Sketch. How to get more users to create designs in Sketch instead of Photoshop? Create a course on how to transition. Voila!

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User Inyerface

By Bagaar
Bagaar is a creative agency that cares about great usability. With this side project they showed the exact opposite— a site that does it all wrong. With over 1200 upvotes on ProductHunt they probably get some clients from this sarcastic move

Website Grader

By Hubspot
Loading speed and SEO can be tested in seconds with this tool. And now while you're at it, why not optimise it with Hubspot?

Stubborn Generator

By Craftwork
Colorful illustrations are hot in web design but few master the skill of making them. The creative studio Craftwork made a range of illustration pieces, marketed it as a free generator and now attract all who wants illustrations on their website but can't draw

Studio Shortcuts

By Pablo Stanley
You're the lead designer at a major SaaS company. What do you do to help market it? You create a comprehensive guide for keyboard shortcuts that users will read on a daily basis

How Much Should I Charge?

By NuSchool
NuSchool drive leads through this side project by giving freelancers a tool to estimate their design rates. Oh, and end up with a banner on how they can learn more by taking their $300 pricing class


By Vault Labs
Users can get design prompts with this clever tool that's been used over 6 Million times. Vault Labs is a product design studio that sure want to get associated with those numbers


By Buffer
Buffer is a tool to help schedule posts for social media. The more people can think of posting, the more paying users Buffer get. With Pablo they give a tool to create visuals for social media posts to help users get creative

Should I Build A Carousel

By Jared Smith
A very simple website that humorously shows that carousels has UX disadvantages. The site becomes the de facto link for web developers to point this out. It's created by a guy who runs a web accessibility agency

Design Almanac

By Readymag
Teach your customers about your core topics. The online graphics editor Readymag does this with a Design Almanac that teaches core principles of graphic design, regardless of whether or not you use their software

Sound of Denmark

By Center for Macro ecology, evolution and climate
Primary research doesn't have to be published on a stored-away subpage on the University's website. For this project, the researchers created a stand-alone website to educate and include the people of Denmark in the study

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Less Refugees

By Danish Refugee Council
With over 68M people on the run globally, action is needed. Instead of publishing to a subdomain, Danish Refugee Council created to tell the stories of refugees in a undisturbed digital space

Sustainable Design Cards

By Design School Kolding
The purpose of this webpage is to unravel ways to work with sustainability in product design. It's affiliated with a Danish design school in whose interest it is to promote their leadership in thoughtful design solutions

How Much To Make An App

By Z1
How much would you pay to be the first search result on "how much to make an app"? This small side project cleverly uses copy based on highly popular searches on Google. The digital agency can of course help you make that app you've now found the price estimate for


By Pablo Stanley
Lead designer of InVision studio Pablo Stanley is one of the best at creating branded side projects. With Humaaans he's created what has become one of the go-to resources for mix-and-match illustrations for the much sought after vector illustrations

Footprint Calculator

By Global Footprint Network
You're spending too much of Earth's resources. We all are. Global Footprint Network work daily on bettering this problem, but what better way than creating a tool that allow people to calculate their own co2 trail and learn how to optimise it?


By Tom Bekkers
Not only brands can create side projects. Individual employees can as well. Flowbase is a great example in how community moderator at the design SaaS company Webflow, Tom Bekkers, uses Flowbase to give users a resource of Webflow assets

Game Hacks

By Checkmarx
This gamified side project starts a timer and asks the player "What vulnerability exists in the following code?". Programmers stay on their toes, the company behind, Checkmarx, promote themselves in their work with software vulnerability

The Social Calculator

How do you encourage companies to take responsibility in hiring people on the edge of the job market? CABI offer these services as their core business. But they've created The Social Calculator so companies can estimate the costs they help society avoid by hiring these people


By Dawn Labs
Whose to say programmers aren't vain? With Carbon they can stylise their code snippets to look top notch. Dawn Labs suddenly have their name on a tool that thousands of programmers use over and over for new projects


By Absurd.Design
Illustration is a competitive space. How do you stand out? You market yourself on one product and give most of it away for free. If the quality is good enough this generates thousands of visitors and you suddenly have a group of people to upsell to

Checklist Design

By George Hatzis
How many blogposts have you seen with the title "12 UX tips to increase traffic 500%"? It's too crowded. Instead, the product designer George, created a resource with hands-on examples for best UX practices and it got widely popular on ProductHunt

Blob Maker

By z Creative Labs
I use this tool every week to create abstract vector shapes. And for free! I can't help but notice that the tool was created by this small agency. Perhaps they'll be the first ones I think of when I need a digital agency?

404 illustrations

By Kapwing
All websites need 404 pages when visitors get lost. The demand for illustrations to spice up these pages have skyrocketed the past years, so the team at Kapwing can surely garner some interest in this free collection of 404 illustrations


By is a digital tool to help team members stay synced. To market themselves they created a side project called Icebreaker that aims to fulfil the same goal but by prompting teams questions that can help them get to know each other


By Peakon
Peakon helps companies overview employee satisfaction. They created this side project to share insights based on all the data they collect. What a great way to market their business

Open Doodles

By Pablo Stanley
Free doodles with fully customisable stroke and fill colors. Perfect for companies looking to spice up their identity and perfect for the author who gets credited in the bottom left of the screen

Pizza Time

By Spacetime
Spacetime makes it easy to schedule remote team meetings. Their side project Pizza Time makes it easy to order pizzas for remote teams! What a great creative way to market yourself with everyone's favorite food

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