A design is more than meets the eye. It's solving a problem for real people and real use cases. For every project, I outline my design process and context for the final solution and finally reflect on the learnings.

Design cases.

How We Crafted

Layout | Book design | Conceptualisation | Marketing

Feature Film 'Thelwell'

Conceptualisation | Web design | Poster mockup

Film Studio 'Nørlum'

Conceptualisation | Web design

Art & Film Platform Itsoncraft

Conceptualisation | Web design | Visual identity | 200+ visuals

Super-naturalistic Painter Josua Justesen

Visual identity | Web design | Business card design

Job platform Arbejd.com

Extrapreneur | Design | Strategy

Art direction cases.

Video campaign for the Danish Society for Nature Conservation

2D // 3D animated film in Unity

Feature Film 'Raven Girl'

Visual development | Unity3D


Feature Film 'Planet of the Children'

Visual development | Unity3D


TV series 'Lotte & Totte'

Visual development | Unity3D


Unity collaboration: Dream

Short film | Unity3D


Let's create a side project

Reach out and let's discuss project ideas for your company. From this we can plan I'll lay out a plan for design and development in order to help your business grow through content.

General message

Drop me an email and let's get the conversation started. For all projects I provide a dedicated client dashboard.