Defining "Extrapreneurship"
Working with companies on a project basis, creating a product or strategy based on entrepreneurial methods.
In other words, I offer entrepreneurship as a freelance service. Often in the form of branded side projects.
Then what's a side project?
Building small tools and resources that attract customers and don’t feel like marketing.
You can call it branded side projects, engineered marketing, content marketing products. No matter what, it's about putting content over promotion.

When you give, you eventually get more in return. Designing side projects to match your brand and your customer's needs is a powerful and risk-free way of growing your business.

getting it right | I’m going to explain the concept of side projects in long-form text, because it’s not a “how to grow your business to a million followers in a week” cheap trick. Side project marketing is a serious and important tool that could mean the world to your brand.

short development, big impact | The best kind of marketing is when the customer doesn't perceive it as marketing. Content marketing is great in this sense, as it focus less on you and more on them. Their needs first. You can create e-books, blog posts, video tutorials and many have done so for years. A great, and largely untapped type of content marketing is small standalone projects that your customers can use for years to come—If it didn’t strike a chord with them you’ve only spent the same amount of time and money as on a one-off campaign. If it works, you’ll generate traffic, sales and engagement for years to come with no further expenses.

stand out in the crowd | There’s over a billion blogs — that’s one blog for every seven people. It’s highly competitive. Tools and resource on the other hand is a newsworthy thing that can stand out.


Why use a standalone domain?.

  1. 1By giving your side project a standalone domain you induce a sense of professionalism. The resource is an entity on its own, which communicates that it’s worth the effort of making something “special”
  2. 2You create a sharp standalone concept that is easily digestable and does not branchout into twenty other topics and subpages
  3. 3You decouple the site from the brand. People simply listen more if they are not on a company’s website reading the company talk about itself. It comes off as more self-sacrificing in order to help the community
  4. 4You make it easier to market. A “For designers” subpage or a new blogpost is regular. A tool is news —Something you can publish on ProductHunt and similarservices and get attention for giving the community a resource
  5. 5Your brand is listed explicitly as the creator of the tool, which emphasises that you give something. This is not as clear on a simple subpage on your original domain
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How other brands nailed it.

Screenshot of the text "creative types"

Creative Types

By Adobe
A quiz to determine your personality as a creative person. The diversity of creativity fits the broad range of software that Adobe offers
Screenshot of Ikea's sofa font website

Soffa Sans Font

Marketing a selection of sofas by allowing users to design with a sofa font. Designers are most likely the target group of both the sofas and the font

Squarespace x Pride

By Squarespace
A tribute to the Pride movement. In one go, Squarespace promote a good (and popular) cause while showing off how cutting edge web design their software can produce

Getting it right. By understanding these simple principles we can launch a side product with the best chances of succeeding.

Value over promotion

Your side project has a core of providing your customers with something they find a need for

Fits your brand

The side project should be related to your industry. That way you're perceived as an expert in the field

Small budget

No long development plans and feature lists. With a sharp concept we can launch within weeks and keep the budget low

Grow by giving

Google prefer content that informs people. And doesn't sell. By creating a side project like this with a link back to your page, you'll rise to the top of search engines


Thought leadership


Cost effectiveness

Let me do the hard work. We can have your side project live in no time.


Initial meeting

After we've connected we have an on-site or remote meeting. We narrow in on your customer characteristics and needs and how your brand can solve them


Side project

Alone or in collaboration, I’ll come up with a side project concept that matches your brand


Design & Coding

I will design, manage and develop it. It’s up to you to decide if you want to add more people to the project


Hand-of & Strategy

The side project is your IP. I will deliver a holistic plan for the strategy around the side project and how leads should be converted into customers.






Per request, every project gets a dedicated dashboard, I'll custom design to accommodate your needs. Contracts, customer personas, style guides, the project timeline and more is always by hand and up to date.

Let's create a side project

Let's discuss project ideas for your company. I'll lay out a plan for design and development in order to help your business grow through microsites.

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Drop me an email and let's get the conversation started. For all projects I provide a dedicated client dashboard.