Let's dive into the bolts and cogwheels of designing digital products. Here's design updates, free things to clone, articles to learn from and other design drops.

Free budget calculator for animators

Animpricer.com is a tool for everyone in 2D animation to get a budget estimation by going through a few steps. It's free and been revived from when we launched it a few years back

Free dashboard

Cloneable dashboard I created for the event group Webflow CPH, which I'm running

Webflow template | Restaurant

Work-in-progress Webflow template

Concept based on Kenton Slash Demon

Fictive album release

Where To Find Design Gigs

Simple resource with the design-based job platforms I've gathered over the years. I thought other freelancers could benefit from having a list of the same resources to keep afloat in your design careers. Free forever and feel free to suggest and help out.

Portfolio design

Quick portfolio design for game designer Magnus Villumsen.
* Dark mode toggle
* Case elements move with the mouse by hovering
* Dropdown case animation
* Slide intro animation
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