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Real-time film making and motion capture
I've jumped on the blazing trend of 3D. Video is everywhere and growing still. For the same reason, web designers, bureaus and Fortune 500 companies explore the world of 3D as part of their visual identity. In the past year I've honed my skills in this craft and handled visual development for several feature films and commercial campaigns

I'm using Quixel's software to create procedural 4K-8K materials with their advanced mask stack. The result is super crisp materials that can be altered with ease to create realistic and stylised scenes

I'm using Unity's High Definition Render Pipeline to create triple A aimed graphics. Understanding global illumination, their visual effects graph, multi scene editing and many other aspects of the advanced software, has allowed me to be bring ideas to life for the small and big screens

I'm using Adobe After Effects to edit when Unity's Cinemachine is coming to a short. Colorgrading, particle effects, film grain and letterboxes add a great deal of spice in order to create a cinematic looking video






Per request, every project gets a dedicated dashboard, I'll custom design to accommodate your needs. Contracts, customer personas, style guides, the project timeline and more is always by hand and up to date.
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A designer needs to be able to lead and collaborate. Luckily I got plenty of experience in both.

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